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Jury Panel

Virginia Lung

Virginia Lung is the co-founder of One Plus Partnership, a Hong Kong based design firm that has been globally recognized with over 800 international awards over the past 19 years. One Plus specializes in designing various commercial venues, including cinemas, retail stores, clubhouses, and sales offices. Their unique approach involves incorporating thematic elements into every detail of their projects. Virginia's expertise has led her to serve as a judge in esteemed competitions like the German Design Award, ICONIC AWARDS, INSIDE Festival of Interiors (UK), NeoCon (US), and K-Design Award (South Korea). Notably, her work has been invited to exhibit at the Venice Biennale in 2016.

01_Virginia Lung (Hong Kong).jpeg

Prof. Keat Ong

02_Prof. Keat Ong (Singapore).jpeg

Prof. Keat Ong, an acclaimed architect and multidisciplinary designer, is the founder and kreative director of Keat Ong Design and co-founder of SCKD Pte Ltd. With three terms as president of the Society of Interior Designers, Singapore (SIDS), he chairs the Singapore Interior Design Accreditation Council. Prof. Ong's influence extends internationally as he presides over the Asia Pacific Space Designers Association (APSDA). He has received numerous prestigious accolades, including being named one of Asia's Top Designers and "The Most Influential Designer" by China Building Decoration Association. As an Adjunct Professor and esteemed judge, he shares his expertise with renowned universities and prestigious awards. His book, "Injecting Architecture," showcases his design methodology and selected projects.

Markus Roselieb

09_Markus Roselieb (Thailand).JPG

Founder of Chiangmai Life Architects and Chiangmai Life Construction, Markus advocates architecture that is functional, sustainable and warms people’s hearts and makes them smile.
His approach is based on modern organic design using a combination of natural materials such as bamboo with 21 st century engineering knowledge and integration of structures in their
physical and cultural environments. A medical doctor by training from the University of Vienna, Austria, Markus is an autodidact architect who learned architecture through passion, observation, especially the micro-structure of the human bone, and by gathering experience through building since his student days.

Dr. Kody Kato

Dr. Kody Kato is the founder of the Office for Design Evolution (ODE), a studio focused on the intersection of architecture, engineering, materials and the natural environment to create performance-oriented buildings. He holds a doctoral degree in architecture with a focus on structural engineering and mathematical biology. Recently, he received a London Design Award and was named One Among Ten Most Dynamic Entrepreneurs by the APAC. Dr. Kato is also the recipient of the Award of Merit for the Shinkenchiku Residential Design Competition in Japan and the Best Prize for the 28th International Space Architecture Competition in South Korea.

03_Dr. Kody Kato (US).jpg
04_Pamela Tan (Malaysia).jpg

Pamela Tan

Pamela Poh Sin Tan is an artist-architectural designer known for her boundary-blurring artwork that combines art, architecture, and design. Her creations aim to evoke ambiguity and unveil hidden delights across various scales. With a Masters in Architecture from the University of Greenwich, UK, Pamela's work has been exhibited at prestigious venues like London's The Royal Academy of Arts. She is the winner of the fifth and final cycle of the Tan Sri Chan Sau Lai Architecture Award in 2016. Recently, two of her projects, “Eden” and “Projection Kite” have won in the Design for Asia Award 2020 under the category of Environmental Design. In 2021, “Eden” won best of the best for German Design Council- Iconic Award.

Lin Ho

Lin Ho is one of Malaysia’s most renowned photographers who has specialized in the architecture and interiors genre for more than 20 years. Lin Ho has collaborated with renowned international and local architects, interior designers and reputable property developers. He is also a frequent contributor to international architecture publications, in both print & digital media. Previous book projects include The Straits Chinese, The Residences of HRH Sultan Azlan Shah, Tropical Garden Design ,The Tropical Malaysian House Vol. 1 & 2, Terrace Transformation in the Tropics, New In The Old-Chinatown Kuala Lumpur.

05_Lin Ho (Malaysia).jpg

Jennifer Murray

06_Jennifer Murray (Singapore).jpg

Jennifer Murray, with over 16 years of international experience, hails from a multi-cultural background and has worked in Southern Africa, Sydney, and London. Her expertise spans both architecture and interiors, showcasing her keen eye for design. Jennifer's transformative abilities have earned her numerous interior design awards, establishing her as a top inspiring female interior designer among Singapore's leading architects and designers. Her award-winning designs have been featured in prestigious publications, including Singapore Straits Times, Tatler Homes, Channel News Asia, and Robb Report Magazine. Jennifer's passion lies in creating bespoke solutions that blend cultural diversity and cosmopolitan flair, resulting in visually poetic and sophisticated expressions of splendor.

James Yong

James Yong is the founder of Interlink Design Solutions, a renowned interior design firm celebrated for its transformative work since 2003. With an eye for detail and a commitment to perfection, James has received multiple awards from the Interior Design Association and gained widespread recognition in esteemed publications. Known for his innovative approach to tropical living spaces, he continuously pushes boundaries to remain at the industry forefront. His 2018 book, celebrating the firm's 10th anniversary, showcases his signature concepts and award-winning projects, displaying his remarkable talent and creativity.

07_James Yong (Malaysia).jpg

Wei Ming Tan

Wei Ming Tan is a typography major from the United Kingdom who practiced as a graphic designer upon returning to Kuala Lumpur. Her passion for furniture and lighting design led her to explore multidisciplinary projects in 2007, collaborating with a local design firm. This experience provided her with the platform to extend her skills and establish her own independent brand, Aureole Design, in 2013. Wei Ming Tan's design approach embraces simplicity, drawing inspiration from the richness of Asian culture to create elegantly unadorned products with accentuated design and materials.

08_Wei Ming Tan (Malaysia).jpg
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